Let us introduce another valued DNA partner:

They started off in Belgium in 2007 as EDM Media, a list broker that was a subsidiary of the Dutch EDM Data Company. Since 2018, they have developed additional services, such as Data Quality, Analytics, Geomarketing solutions and are now a partner that can offer a broad range of services to support their clients in Belgium to maximise the value of their 1st party data.
In 2021, they have also positioned themselves in Belgium as ‘The Data Agency Belgium’ so they are aligned with their Dutch mother company.

Although being personally involved within DNA since 2008, it was only since Peter was appointed to The Data Agency Belgium in 2018, that the company joined the network. The Belgian DNA chair had become vacant and so they were happy to join the network.
They see a multitude of benefits:

  • Exposure across Europe (and sometimes beyond)
  • Unique expert network for business exchanges
  • Cross-border business development
  • Finding solutions for universal challenges (ex. GDPR)

As a DNA partner, The Data Agency Belgium can benefit from the expertise and experience of the other members. They can also offer their clients a global solution while still focusing on local needs and specificities (local interpretation of GDPR, local data availability, etc).
At the same time, they can be referred by the other members to their clients who are looking for local solutions in other countries. Also, during the exchange between partners at the annual conferences, they often discover solutions to challenges we face because one of the other members had the same challenge and successfully found a solution.

The Data Agency offers a broad range of solutions to support their 1st party data strategy, such as:

  • Data Quality to maintain your customer database
  • High quality leads to generate new clients
  • Geo marketing solutions to better analyse and understand your clients
  • CRM onboarding to link your client database to digital audiences
  • Customer Data Platform for 360° customer view and high-performing campaigns
  • KYC solutions

The Data Agency offers a unique solution portfolio and can be a one stop shop for their clients. They have a combination of unique data, technology and human expertise to find the fitting solution for each client challenge.
Furthermore they are a challenger on the Belgian market and their aim is to substantially grow, which they have been doing for 2 years in a row now.

Visit the The Data Agency Belgium website for more information: 
The Data Agency | return on data