Let us introduce another longtime DNA partner:

EDM, part of The Data Agency, joined DNA in 2007. Despite all the changes and growth of their organization, they have remained a member throughout the years. They believe in the DNA’s connections, knowledge and strong European network.

The Data Agency is a platform of companies that provide sound data solutions based on their own core competencies in data, analytics and technology. They facilitate collaborative partnerships that allow them to address complex challenges that enable businesses to grow and achieve the desired ‚return on data‘.

Their strong brands EDM, GeoMarktprofiel, Invenna and Human Inference have been around for decades and have a strong client base in the Benelux, Germany and the UK. 120 employees are spread across their platform companies, working from Arnhem, Utrecht and Brussels and continuously operate on their satisfied client base.

Visit the EDM website for more information: 
EDM | Experts in datagedreven dialogen