Let us introduce one of our newer DNA-members:

Addressvitt was founded in 1956 and joined DNA earlier in 2021 in a joint participation with long-time partner Digital Metrics. They have been keeping an eye on the international markets for years. DNA as a professional network of experts – some of whom were already established business acquaintances – was the ideal environment for them to find and give added value and business return.

They specialise in Glocalisation and can help their clients realise their projects both locally and internationally. Due to the sum of their combined expertise they can provide a competitive advantage and offers their clients:

  • Prospect media (postal marketing and geomarketing, telephone marketing and geomarketing, email marketing, sms marketing and geomarketing, telemarketing B2C)
  • Print Management and Mailing House
  • International Postal Direct Injection
  • Data Quality and Privacy Compliance
  • Geosociodemographic profiling system
  • Geocoding and data enrichment
  • Location context information

The decades-long know-how developed by Addressvitt and Digital Metrics provides a combined platform of tools and skills that helps customers to achieve their goals rapidly and cost effectively. Direct Marketing, Web Marketing, and Technology are integrated to offer increasingly complete and effective communication and analysis solutions.

Experience and passion blend into full-cycle direct marketing campaigns, both offline and online, based on the specific needs of vertical industries.

Addressvitt’s mission is to enable their customers to manage a targeted one-to-one communication strategy, based on the combination of analog and digital direct marketing tools. They do this by providing technological infrastructures, data and analysis tools that create and strengthen the two-way brand-user relationship starting from insights on the potential need of the consumer to the conversion on physical and digital sales channels.

Visit the Addressvitt website for more information: Addressvitt