Let us introduce one of our newer DNA-members:

Digital Metrics was established in 2006 and is the other half of our Italy partner alongside Adressvitt.

They joined DNA in 2021 to broaden their international business opportunities and to offer

their partners a vast experience on the Italian market. The same group of partners

started their first Digital Agency in 1995, and they have been working together ever since,

developing marketing automation platforms for their clients.


Few professionals have been developing internet solutions for more than 25 years now.

At Digital Metrics they have a deep knowledge of several aspects of the marketing automation processes and have implemented custom digital solutions for themselves and for many large account clients such as Procter&Gamble, ENI, Seat PG, Telecom Italia, Bofrost and Banca Intesa.


Digital Metrics help their clients assess the incremental potential of their information assets, the areas for improvement in relationship marketing and any critical issues in their data processing with respect to national and European regulations.

They offer to their clients the largest prospect database available in Italy, duly verified and

normalized, to be used along with their clients’ customer database to develop their business.


Having developed specific areas of specialization relating to data processing and their

use in the creation of marketing automation platforms, Digital Metrics combines technological capacity with a deep knowledge of Italian and European regulations regarding data processing and privacy.

Furthermore, they have developed software specialized in the normalization and deduplication of data, in the geolocation of users based on postal and ISTAT parameters, and in the blacklisting generated by millions of mailings and the direct management of

notifications of opposition to data processing.


Digital Metrics offers their clients:

  • a long experience in the development of custom applications for marketing automation
  • the largest multi-channel prospect contract database
  • a specific expertise in the Italian and European legislation on Privacy

They enable Brands to manage customer loyalty strategies and build the bidirectionality

of the brand-user relationship with a profiled and engaging one-to-one messaging, via

email, SMS, mail and telephone – at the right time and in response to the needs

expressed by the customer on the company touch points.

Through their Prospect Media dealer GEKO ADV, Digital Metrics supports customer growth objectives, generating leads for digital sales channels and geo-marketing campaigns

for physical store networks.


Their mission is to become the reference point of the Italian market for data-driven

support services for the growth of their customers‘ business, in full compliance with

national and European regulations on data processing and privacy.

Visit the Digital Metrics website for more information: Digital Metrics – Professionisti del Direct Marketing