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Welcome to Database Network Associates (DNA)!
DNA - Local Experts with pan-European data experience

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Take advantage of the combined expertise of a strong network and benefit from a smart one point access to profitable, qualified data solutions and innovative consumer insights.
Coordinated across your European territories or at a local or national level.
Our experience will ensure you experience the most efficient way to reach your European consumers and grow in a Euro-Marketing environment.

Welcome and let us introduce ourselves

DNA at a glance:

Database Network Associates (DNA) offers two core synergistic data streams :

Database Marketing Service Provider

As Database Marketing Service Provider, DNA helps Customer Intelligence departments to capture and
manage customer data (Purchase, Social Media, Behavioural, Navigation, etc) as well as to analyze and
apply Insights from interactions in Cross Channel Communications.
Our services for marketing databases help you:

  • Reduce Internal IT costs
  • Improve direct marketing effectiveness
  • Optimise digital marketing expertise
  • Ensure that you meet Privacy Regulations requirements

Database Provider

As Database Provider, DNA builds and facilitates Business, Consumer and Location Information in 13
countries across Europe.
These databases are used for:

  • Customer acquisition, both B2B and B2C
  • Integration in CRM systems for analytical and decision-making processes
  • Integration in other information systems, web portals and directories


DNA will make your life easier.
Until now, in data, there has been no such thing as
The United States of Europe.

Most likely you know this already. You have probably already reached the limits of the national coverage when trying to compare, unify or segment customer data across markets and across borders.

Customer data in one country is often not similar to the data available in another market, thereby making it difficult to replicate successful and proven marketing programs. It’s even harder to create automated data management tools and routines at a Pan-European level.

Privacy laws and the mechanisms for data control, the availability of different types of data, addressing complexities and postal regulations vary significantly from country to country. This makes it tough to assess customer data and evaluate it as an actionable marketing asset.

This is exactly where the partners of the DNA network can help you – both in initiating multi-country DM projects and also assisting you to roll out your success stories from one country to another.

Take a new step towards competitive advantage

Are you looking for a partner who can help you with new client acquisition? Maybe you are considering a roll-out of your ‘best practice’ DM campaign to new territories? Do you have clients across multiple countries? Are you looking for a coherent and solid strategy to grow and keep them? Or perhaps you are part of an international group and want to implement a successful project across Europe?

DNA offers you a proven network to help you achieve your objectives:

  • A flexible, cost and time-saving way to qualitative and appropriate solutions
  • A tailor-made servicing model allowing you to engage with the DNA partners in a direct or indirect way
  • The best connections to find first-class datasets in the countries within your scope

DNA has one representative in each market. Each partner is an independent company - a local expert and reference in their domestic market - and is driven by entrepreneurship. We all share the same DNA values and are true leaders in terms of:

  • Availability of qualitative & relevant consumer data
  • Focus on maximizing data knowledge and insight
  • Interest in the local intricacies of data privacy
  • Certified project management approach

DNA implies a true potential and competitive advantage, whether your challenges are on a national or international scale. Benefit from the unique, combined expertise and know-how that our DNA associates collect from their ‘peers’ in other countries. And of course: from a significantly shorter time-to-market.

Take advantage of our international knowledge

What you want is cost and timesaving data solutions - flexible, high quality and complete. With our network connections and expertise, that is exactly what the DNA partners have to offer you at a European level.

Since each partner is an expert in their local ‘home’ market, other associates within the DNA network can rely on each other to easily and rapidly access the most complete and highest quality datasets, knowledge, expertise and insights for other countries across Europe.

The collaborative attitude amongst all network partners assures swift availability and sharing of the expertise needed to respond to your demands. This is a true advantage compared to large, international competitors suffering a top-down handicap and delaying red tape.

The DNA network allows tailor-made service models: so you can choose to be serviced internationally or decide to work directly with one or several DNA partners in each of the countries. DNA offers this unique option to allow each partner to keep and grow their clients, both national and international.

So let’s talk about a long term European exchange with local experts in consumer driven data.

You benefit from the experience of a unique Pan-European network. DNA, or Database Network Associates, consists of 13 independent companies offering you their combined consumer datasets and insights in a flexible, tailor-made servicing model. This is the best way to meet your growing needs and to offer the most appropriate solutions in terms of smart Euro-Marketing.

You get all the advantages of working with a European Network of local DM experts offering you the best Direct Marketing solutions at the highest quality standards and in a multi-country environment.

DNA has one representative in each market. Each of the Database Network Associates holds a leading position in privacy matters as well as an independent and respected expert reputation in consumer data in their respective ‘home’ market. Together, they join forces to maximize cross-border synergies and consumer knowledge. DNA offers a unique combination of global experience, shared and managed by local experts.


Benefit from the combined expertise of a strong network,
and a smart one point access to profitable solutions.

Acquire, maintain and grow customers

In each of the European markets by gaining fast access to the qualified and complete consumer data solutions.

Work with smart European Marketing Experts

Who deal with the, privacy laws, regulations and specific needs and challenges involved in each of your local markets.

Procure complete analysis and insights

To support your global and local Direct Markets, based on the expert inputs of our network partners.

Optimise your DM strategy

With demonstrated solutions, made to be re-applicable in any country.

Fuel overall innovation in consumer relations

By reusing industry lessons and successes stories in DM.

Count on a well coordinated and skilled service

To make your multi-country Direct Marketing projects a success

Create a flexible working process

Centrally serviced or in direct support to your local Marketing Teams.

Competitive Advantage

DNA secures your company’s competitive advantage by devising a quick time-to-market strategy


DNA offers a cost & time-saving delivery based on our first-class competence.

One Address

DNA is a unique ‘one stop’ response to marketers who need swift and locally adapted solutions for consumer driven marketing.

Shared Expertise

DNA translates its shared expertise into a successful roll-out, either locally or cross-border.

Euro Marketing

DNA acknowledges both the global efficiency and local profitability in Direct Marketing, also within a ‘Euro-Marketing’ approach.

Country Specifications

DNA masters each country's specifications, regulations and challenges when adopting campaigns.

Your Local Partner

Success is not a privilege enjoyed only by those who are strongest or biggest.
It is often achieved by those who are the most flexible and able to adapt.

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Our Network

20 countries (and growing)

Over 700 professionals

Fully integrated

We are DNA Network!

Meet our team

We make sure that the DNA team
gives you new experiences, new perspectives and new visions.


Michael Fux

Board Member

Managing Partner
DNA Austria

Frank de Beun

Board Member

Managing Partner
DNA Netherlands
Antonio Romero de la Llana

Board Member

Chief Product Officer
DNA Spain


Peter Trap

Business Manager

Director International Business Development
DNA Belgium

Our Clients

We are independently united, we collaborate brilliantly,
offering more flexibility than the multinational agency networks.

Across the region we work with a diverse client base on a wide range of campaigns and marketing programmes.

Within the DNA EUROPE network each agency is hand-picked for their ability to deliver powerful local insight, market leading activities and results-driven work.
We are independently united, we collaborate brilliantly, offering more flexibility than the multinational agency networks.

Here is a selection of clients that we work for:


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If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact our team. We will respond promptly and appropriately.

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