We are pleased to introduce another long-time DNA partner:

DataCentric Solutions was founded in 1994 and joined DNA in 2010 as one of the founding members. While at that time the goal was to collaborate together for one specific account, today DNA is the opportunity for an exchange of knowledge and experience to provide the best possible solution for clients.
In 2019, DataCentric also became part of Tinsa Group, the leading real estate valuation, consulting and smart data company in Europe and Latin America. This allows them to grow faster and expand their offering.

DataCentric offers their clients both Data Solutions and Audience Solutions: 

Their Cloud Data Platform allows access to all the information gathered in their data lake. Business, Consumers, Location and Digital are the 4 information areas that make up Pyramid Data. Their clients use this data as information to understand their market and customers in order to make better decisions. This is Data Intelligence. Further advantages of the platforms are the cleansing, standardisation and enrichment of customer databases as well as the creation of analyses of any kind.

They also provide permission-based data for campaigns and activation of target groups for digital ads. As the leading provider of audience data in Spain DataCentric is also capturing over 21 million contact points from individuals in Spain.

DataCentric is driving digital transformation. Their goal is to be the largest data provider for marketing activities in Spain, using the most advanced technology.

Visit the DataCentric Solutions website for more information: Soluciones de Datos para Marketing multicanal y Big Data (datacentric.es)D