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Mission statement

The Global Group Dialog Solutions AG (briefly: Global Group) is one of the leading service providers for integrated prospect and customer management in Germany. Global Group manages performance-oriented prospect and customer campaigns to exploit the market potential of their clients - B2C and B2B. Thereby we procure our services as a full service provider in all disciplines of dialogue marketing.

Whether you want to win new customers, better utilize your existing customer base, or earn the loyalty of valuable clients: Based on our services, we develop solutions that secure your success. To us, prospect and customer management always means a better understanding of the target group, addressing it with a specific content in the right channel and constantly checking on the progress and success of our measures. The result: sustainability.


New Customer Acquisition

How do you find new customers? What does the market provide? Does your sales structure work effectively? Can you do things even better?

Global Group supports you in placing your new customer acquisition strategy on a solid basis, with success rates you can plan on. This means profiling the target group, creating the adequate form of content, handling of the address data as well as the integrated implementation of the strategy into the sales process.

We are the right partner for you in all aspects of a systematic optimization of your sales success.

  • Target group profiling
  • Market potential analyses
  • Multichannel acquisition
  • Sales channel optimization
  • Location planning
  • Co-Marketing

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your existing customer and prospective customer base has a huge amount of potential you can use to increase your turnover. Whether you need customer insights through a customer segmentation, data qualification processes, up-and cross-selling programs or a service provider for your CRM-system – with our services, you can fully utilize all options.

  • Customer segmentation
  • Qualification of base customers
  • Cross- and upselling programs
  • CRM in system and program
  • Customer loyalty
  • Churn management

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E-Commerce does not end with the configuration of the technical features. Frequency is the key. By a systematic customer and interest management, the shop prospers. We provide the solution. What happens, if we provide all features at once? Everything by one single source means less amount of control for you and more optimization potential by the use of integrated features.

  • Shop development
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Risk management
  • Customer service
  • Customer management

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